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A message from Graduate Philadelphia President and CEO

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A message from Graduate Philadelphia President and CEO

What does "Graduate" mean to you?

The mission of Graduate Philadelphia is to advance the social and economic mobility of lower to moderate income adults and families.

Graduate Philadelphia achieves this mission by helping adult learners earn a postsecondary credential and by bridging the gaps between education, talent development, and living-wage employment.

We acknowledge the breadth of diverse, non-traditional learner experiences by extending our definition of "graduate" to recognize the achievement of degree, upskilling, reskilling, and professional development goals.

Your donation will directly benefit adult learners in the region. Please consider giving today.

Alternatively, contributions can be made via check made payable to Graduate Philadelphia, postal address:

1635 Market Street, Suite 1600

Philadelphia, PA 19103

In Partnership,

Malik Brown

President & CEO

Graduate! Philadelphia

Facebook: @GraduatePhiladelphia
Twitter: @GraduatePhilly